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Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy the CDs?

You can purchase the CDs direct by phoning +353 1 839 4089 or online.

If I order online how long will it take for my products to be delivered?

The products will be delivered within three working days.

I am having trouble with the Folens version of the maths CD. How do I fix it?

Some operating systems are unable to start the Maths-Master CDs.

Click on the relevant product name and then follow the instructions below.

Junior Certificate Ordinary Level Maths
Junior Certificate Higher Level Maths
Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level Maths

Click 'Save' to download the file onto your computer. Save the file to some place familiar, like your computer's desktop.

Double click the file and then click the 'Install' button to start installing it.

A blue progress bar should flash across the screen, indicating the fixing process.

Now try starting Maths-Master as you normally would and it should work.

If the problem persists:

Using the 'Browse' button on the file you downloaded, go into the folder where you installed
Maths-Master on your computer.

If you don't know where you installed it, right click the Maths Master icon on the desktop. Choose 'Properties'.

A Property box appears. Select the 'Shortcut' tab. In the box preceeded by 'Start in', select and copy all the text (not the inverted commas), and paste it in the box under 'Destination Folder' on the file.

Click Install.

Now try starting Maths Master as you normally would and it should work.

Do the Lingua-Master and Maths-Master CDs work on Mac?

No, our CDs are not Mac compatible.

I am being asked for an unlock code when I try to install the CD. What is an unlock code.

An unlockcode is a code which unlocks any further subjects you wish to purchase on your CD after you've chosen your preferred subject upon purchase. To access your unlock code you need to quote your 'usercode' to a Rosk Education Systems customer support agent. This can be found on your CD if you click on the 'Buy more Lingua-Masters' or 'Buy more Maths-Masters' link when you load and open your CD and by then clicking the 'Next' button until you see the usercode in red.

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